2017 Golden Globe project, Sweden
2016 Public Art comminssion, five paintings, City of Linköping, Sweden
2016 Public Art comminssion, ”The Green Sofa”for Stångåstaden, Linköping, Sweden
2015 Skådebana Gallery, Linköping, Sweden
2015 Stadshuset Gallery, Linköping, Sweden
2014 Competition invitation for publc art, Linköping’s kommun, Sweden
2014 ”Utan Titel ” Östergötland landsmuseum, performance /talk, Sweden
2013 ”Love Bench” public art, Linköping, Sweden
2013 Vadstena Gallery, ”I Confess” exhibit, Sweden
2012 Sanders Gallery, Linköping, Sweden
2011 Dom Polonii Konsthall, Krakow, Poland
2011 Huddinge Konsthall “Silence of Abuse”funded by Östsam, Sweden
2010 Jr. Konsthall ” Silence of Abuse” exhibit, Sweden
2010 “Golden Love Pavilion” project Trädgårdsföreningen, Linköping, Sweden
2010 Skäggetorp Gallery, Sweden
2010 Vreta Kloster Gallery, exhibit, Sweden
2008 Luleå Kulturens Hus, Sweden
2007 Reymeri Konsthall, Sweden
2007 Brunneby Church Gallery, sponsored by SAAB, Sweden
2006 Skådebana, Linköping, Sweden
2006 Tranåsbygden’s Konstförening, Sweden
2006 Skådebana Gallery, Linköping, Sweden
2005 Gallery Cafe Colombia, Kisa, Sweden
2005 Jr. Konsthall, Linköping, Sweden
2004 Ciberopr, Skylten Gallery, Linköping, Sweden
2003 Gallery Ett, Motala, Sweden
2003 Reiterna Nams Gallery, Riga, Latvia.
1991 Kalmar Museum, Sweden, contemporary icons, Sweden
1990 Studio 5, Stockholm, sculpture, painting, Sweden
1989 Gallery Test, icons and paintings, Warsaw, Poland
1988 Kinomatic Museum, Lodz, Poland


2017 Passagen Konsthall, Linköping, Sweden
2016 Gallery Kronan, Norrköping, Sweden
2015 Virserum Konsthall, Sweden
2015 Edsvik Konsthall, Stockholm
2014 ” Vinter ljus” Kärlekens Väg” November Lights, public art ,wih Charlotte Mattson
2014 Östergötlandländsmuseum, juried exhibit
2013 Östergötlands Lansmuseum, ”Utan titel,”Sweden
2013 Katrineholm Konsthall, Sweden
2013 Östergötlands Lansmuseum, ALKA collaboration
2012 Alka Gallery, Sweden, ”Kort datum”exhibit, Sweden
2012 Passagen Konsthall, Artist’s in residence exhibit, Linköping, Sweden
2007 Passagen Art Hall, Linköping, Sweden
2006 Virserum Konsthall “Summer of Love” exhibit, Sweden
2006 Östergötlands Länsmuseum, Summer Salong, Sweden
2006 Funkishuset, Valdemarsvik, “Made in Sweden” exhibit, Sweden
2006 Skådebana, Linköping, ”Made in Sweden” exhibit, Sweden
2006 Stadshuset Gallery, Linköping, “Made in Sweden”
2004 Passagen Gallery, Linköping, Sweden
2004 Östergötland Länsmuseum, Sweden
2003 Jubilium Exhibit of Saint Birgitta, Vadstena Gallery, Sweden
2001 Invitational, Proposal for Linköping’s New Library; Gallery Curman, Linköping, Sweden
1998 Johannesburg Biennale, South Africa
1995 Gallery Sankt Olof, Norrköping och Skulptur i Park, Folketspark, Norrköping, Sweden
1991 Zacheta Museum, Warszawa, Poland
1991 Joensu Art Museum, ”Rumsrent”Joensuu , Finland
1990 ALKA Art Hall, ”Rumsrent,” Linköping, Sweden
1986 Zeus Trabia, New York City, “Church and State”, USA
1985 Long Island University Gallery, Brooklyn; group assemblage; Artracts, Miami, USA
1985 Beach, Florida, Now, “Micro show” and “Art of Child” exhibition, Amsterdam
1985 Burchfield Arts Center,” The Art of the Child” and Museum in Amsterdam, Holland
1985 Five and Dime Gallery, New York City, “Goes to the Beach,”USA
1985 NOW Gallery, New York City, “New Sculpture,”USA
1985 Esther Rand Gallery, Thompkins Square Park, New York City, USA
1985 Eversson Biennial, Everson Museum, Syracuse, New York, USA
juried by Kim Levine, art critic for the Village Voice, New York, USA


Björn and Patricia Borg
Kinomatic ( Cinema) Museum, Lödz, Poland
Skövde Museum; Sweden
Boston College, Boston, USA
Norrköpings, Kommun and Konstmuseum, Sweden
SAAB’s Art Collection, Sweden
Linköping, City Collestion, Sweden
Linköpings Hospital, Sweden
Landstinget Östergötland, Sweden
Örebro Kommun, Sweden
Tranas Kommun, Sweden
Enköpings Kommun, Sweden
Östergötlands Art Sweden
Association Linköping’s University, Sweden
FOI, Sweden
Trädgårdförreningen Linköping Kommun, Sweden


2017 ”Wall of Fame Award” city of Linköping
2012-16 KC-Mitt funding for new project sketch, Sweden
2011 Linköping Kultural Award, Sweden
2009-10 Linköping Kommun special project funding, Sweden
2009 Östsam, funds for ”Silence of Abuse” travelling exhibit, Sweden
2006-9 KC-Mitt, funding for sketch idea for new projects, Sweden
2005 -6 City of Linköping, Art in Education Project Award
2005 Stadsmission Linköping, Public Art Project, Sweden, Sweden
2002 Art Honorarium, for Public Art, Kungsberget School, Linköping, Sweden
2000-1 Linköping, Art Stipend Kommun, Sweden
2000 Lanstinget, Östergötland, with Digital Women, Sweden
2000 ”Goldilock’s Project,”Grant from Linköping Kommun, Sweden
1999 BUS, grant to produce catalogue of my work, Sweden
1996 Konstnärsnämndens Stipendium, Sweden
1995 Linköping’s Kommun, funding for preparation of public artwork
1993 Honorarium, Linköping and Örebro Kommuns
1988-89 Ministry of Culture of Poland, award for the study at Warsaw Art Academy
1987 Ministry of Culture of Poland, honorarium, studies with Hasior.


1991 Göteborg Film Academy, film and video production
1988-89 Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw, graphics.
1987 Polish Ministry of Culture Grant, private studies with Wladislaw Hasior, Zakopane
1980-83 State University of New York at Buffalo, Master of Fine Arts
1977 Jagiellonian Uniersity Krakow, art history, Poland
1974 Institute of European Studies, painting, teaching, Vienna, Austria
1972-76 Boston College, Bachelor of Science in Literature, graduated Cum Laude

Jr. Konsthall, Linköping, Sweden
Skådebana, Linköping, Sweden
KC-Mitt, Representing, Östergötland , Sweden, promoting art in the schools

My Life on this Planet, on the art and life of artist Leif Elggren, mixed-media artist
Torgny Lindgren, Interview, for NolEttan TV, Sweden
My Life as Gunnar Hoffsten, documentary for Nolettan TV, Sweden
Multi-Media, a documentation of “Multi- Media 1992” Conference. Sweden
ALKA Documentary,
Fish Auctions Göteborg and Smögen, 1991, a documentary film, investigates secret language
Secret Life of the Lemek’s, the religion of the mountain people of Poland, Polish National
Life and Art of Joanne- Posluszny, Polish National Television, Poland